Set up, edit, and remove direct deposit for employees

Direct deposit for employees is incredibly simple and safe. It saves yours and your staff time and conjointly saves cash. In this, you’ll be able to save average cash $176 per employee p.a. and you don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding monthly fees, you simply pay $1.75 per paycheck.
For fitting your direct deposit, you’ve got two options – you’ll be able to complete a paper Direct Deposit Authorization kind otherwise you can enter your bank info on-line in employee Self Service.
Direct deposit info is emended an equivalent approach it’s set-up. Either submit an on the spot Deposit kind reflective your changes or edit the knowledge in employee Self Service.
If you choose to edit associate ‘Other Bank’ in employee Self Service, please select the ‘edit’ button placed beneath the listed account.


Here we have a tendency to have explained the way to established, edit, and take away Direct Deposit service for your staff. employees square measure needed to use direct deposit (i.e., the xyz sends all pay (and reimbursable expenses) on to checking account. In Workday, direct deposit is stated as a payment election. They established initial payment election after they proceed through the New hire On-boarding method.

How to Set up, edit, and remove direct deposit for employees

Follow these steps to set up an employee for direct deposit:

  1. In the QuickBooks Desktop, you can choose Employees > Employee Center to open your employee list.
  2. Double-click the employee’s name.
  3. Pressing the Payroll Info tab.
  4. Clicking the Direct Deposit button.
  5. In the Direct Deposit window, select Use Direct Deposit for [employee’s name].
  6. Choose number of accounts:
  • Use First Account or Use Second Accounts.
  • Fill the employee’s financial information.
  • If you select deposit two accounts and enter the amount or percentage of the Optional amount field. Click OK to save the information.

Disable direct deposit temporarily (on a paycheck only):

  1. Locate and open the paycheck.
  2. Click Paycheck Detail.
  3. Clear the Use Direct Deposit checkbox and click the OKbutton to Update employee bank account:
  4. In the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  5. Press on the employee to open their details.
  6. Click the Payment Method tab.
  7. Clicking on the Direct Deposit.
  8. Change or remove the employee’s bank account information.
  9. Click Save.

Remove direct deposit from an Employee Profile:

To delete an account, you must first remove it from any Payment Elections in the lower portion of your screen display. Negative sign (-) on the same line as the account you want to delete, then Press the OK button. In this example, the employee is deleting the vacation account.

  • Choose Employees > Employee Center.
  • Whose profile you want to edit, just double click on the employee name.
  • Click the Payroll Info tab.
  • Click the Direct Deposit button. Clear the box Use direct deposit for this employee.

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